4 Principles Of Foot Care

Hey you guys, thank you so much for coming along with me on my foot journey.

It has been slow at times and far from steady.

But what I’m not gonna do is give up on my passion. As Time moves on, my passion, grows deeper into foot care.

In my soul, Trinkets will always be necessary.

But the more I learn about foot care. The more I want to share. 

Today I would like to talk about five principles of caring for your feet.

Basically four essential rules to live by when you are seeking full body care from the foot up.

Let’s get into it…


1.Keep your feet clean and dry.

Especially in between your toes.
Keeping your feet clean, and dry are the best components to not catch fungus on your feet.

Fungus loves to live in damp, dark places.

And what is the description of your foot inside of a sock after lots of movement.

Damp, dark and sweaty.

When you are looking to take care of yourself from the foot up this is one of the easiest, most cost-effective and common sense having way. 

2. Pay attention and check your feet. 

This may actually sound like duh…But with your feet being so far away from your central vision. And sometimes not the forefront of your mind.
It is definitely a principle.

Be sure to check regularly for swelling, bruising, or redness on your feet, and even cuts and scrapes that can occur. Just moving around.

3. Apply Moisturizer 

I almost think that this principle should be number one. But it is just as important.
Apply moisture to your feet as often as you can think of it.

Your feet need to stay hydrated so that they are not cracking and the skin is staying protected.

Your feet really do take on lots of movement and stress that you really do not think about.

And keeping your feet moisturized is a top-tier way to show your whole body love.

4.Exfoliate the rough areas

Filing your dry or hard skin with a pumice stone is essential when it comes to foot care.

Taking time to regularly exfoliate your feet is an action that shows your body that you are grateful for how they move you.
All while removing dead and unuseful skin particles off your body.


So there you have four essential quick and cost effective ways to care for your feet.

Principles that we should all begin to live by as we nurture our bodies from the foot up.


Thank you to nhsinform.com for helping with the research of this post.


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