Astrology Talk & Toe Rings

The benefits of wearing toe rings are mind boggling


Wearing toe rings is an ages-long tradition which  now in 2022 has become a fashion statement.


In Indian history, it was just married women who would wear rings on their feet but today, they are worn by unmarried women across the world who simply love the look of foot jewelry.


Considering there are so many design options available today from typical fashion alloy toe rings or 925 filled stainless steel the fashion styles are endless. Please see our previous blog post with just a few scientific and health benefits of wearing them.


Today, let’s keep exploring.


As per astrology, the silver metal of the toe ring helps in retaining the effects that the moon can have on the body. Gold is said to be the metal of the Gods and not to be worn on or so close to the ground. The moon calms the mind and heart and as the belief goes that you operate better when you are calm and cool-headed, making the decision-making process better. If you feel calm, you also keep your blood pressure in check, which is another part of the belief.


That statement above makes me nervous. Because all I wear is gold. I have even tried to change the rings on my feet but I do not like the way they look.


Call me vein, but I will continue to explore and wear real gold below my ankles because personally I believe it brings me strength and lifts me higher on my journey.

What well researched fact have you heard about toe rings. Share them with us below.

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