Buy A Sock... Give A Sock Program

Pretty Feet Trinkets  is a Las Vegas-based foot fashion brand. We pride ourselves on making positive changes in the communities we are embarking upon. Research shows that SOCKS are one of the most requested items amongst homeless individuals in the United States.

So it is near to this foot fashion brand owners heart to donate as many socks as possible to help as many people as possible. 💪🏾

Sometimes socks are the last thing you think about...but then think about how necessary they actually are to your life.🤔 So it kinda makes sense to be a top requested item in homeless shelters and group homes.

We are a small business with a big heart and want to boldly ask our ‘Trinket Baddies’ & Valued Clientele to help us give back to the thousands of homeless people all around the nation, starting right here in Las Vegas, N.V. 🎰

With our Buy A Sock...Give A Sock Program🔁🧦

For every one (1) item purchased from the Pretty Feet Trinkets Sock Collection (Fishnets, Mesh Socks, Nlyons, Any Item)🧦

Pretty Feet Trinkets will match one (1) pair of cotton crew socks to donate to the homeless.

🧦You Buy A Sock... We Give A Sock🧦

The Law of Giving & Receiving is Real.

With this new Fall Season upon us we should be stocking up on socks even more.

So do an unknown good deed for the day and put a couple pairs of socks in your cart🛒....we’ll handle the rest.😉

We will be sure to keep this post updated with any local drives or special donations coming up. 







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