Dropshipping vs. Handpacked

Being a small business owner you come across so many obstacles, and hurdles.

In today’s blog we would like to simply touch on the logistics of drop shipping.

Being a small trinket business. We aim to always deliver an experience like no other when receiving our products.
Because a trinket is a small invaluable piece of jewelry, the presentation must matter.

As well as the time in production.

While we love to glamorize and advertise our stainless steel and 10 karat gold filled Toe Rings we will always have a deep love for our fashion Trinkets.

Dropshipping takes the personalized touch out of our brand and we just cannot have that.

we hold our feet and yours as well to a higher standard.

That leaves this thought on the forefront of our business is mind.

 We do not like dropshipping.

And although we have taken that route in the beginning of the 2022 year. 

We cannot afford our name or our brand standards to be compromised by the convenience of the quick dollar that drop shipping can bring.

We take pride in presentation will instantly be converting back to hand packed orders shipping from our Las Vegas warehouse going into May 2022.

We thank you so much as always for all of your continued support.

And we also apologize for any shipping delays or packaging disappointments that any of our value guest and Clients. 

As a small business we are learning every day, every week, every month, and every year, and we will always value your opinions and even more you’re returned patronage.  

Be on the look out for your pretty purple package from here on out. With upgrades coming as our brand grows.

We would love to know how you feel as a business owner or a consumer about drop shipping products. Feel free to comment below and join the discussion.

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