Having Pretty Feet Means So Much More Than Foot Jewelry

Having pretty feet means so much more than adorning your toes with rings and bracelets.
Pretty feet start as a self-care routine that you can tie into your daily lifestyle. As the owner of P.F.Trinkets I often battle with how am I making peoples lives better with my business.

Of course a pretty toe ring, or a sparkly anklet will always put a smile on someone’s face.
It’s an even better feeling when customers purchase 10 karat gold toe rings or stainless steel anklets that truly last the test of time and you know that you are decorating and adorning someone in their most humble moments. 

But it’s like our purpose must go further.
So we want to start bringing you different tips, techniques, and equipment, that will help you take care of yourself from your from the bottom of your feet up.

Because if you did not know almost every nerve in your body connects to a portion on your feet.

So of course toe rings anklets  and socks will always be here. But we want to give our valued clients more. So stepping into this new season we want to be able to make your life better.  We will be focusing on and sharing DIY foot scrubs, ways to take care of your feet, different creams, and reflexology materials that will most definitely bring  ease, comfort, and knowledge to your life. 

So if you are ready to learn more information about oils to use on swollen ankles, different reflexology techniques to ease different parts of your body and mind.
Learn different crystals that should be worn on your ankle bracelets. And more.

Please stay tuned.

Your feet are literally one of your most humble body parts. And we here at P.F. Trinkets want to be able to share, and show the world how to be at a better balance by giving the bottom of your body the utmost respect and care on a daily basis. 

So please join us on this never ending journey of making our lives better. Comment below any special healing facts that you would like to share with your foot family.

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